Feli Velez

Felicita Elisa Rosa Velez 
Born and raised in NW Indiana I grew up 2nd oldest of 8 (and yes, my siblings are my bestest friends). Graduating high school in June 2019, I currently pursue my Bachelors as a Liberal Arts major at Niagara University. In the Fall of 2020 the Lord called me to walk with Him; He’s since taught me many things and has graced me with many amazing and growing opportunities. I am a witness to the Gospel and I devote myself to share it with as many people as I can. I hope the story the Lord has written for me will be a witness to others of His goodness. 

Episodes appearing in

Real Life Loading… recaps a killer first year with its best-of highlight reel. View Show Notes →
Feli Velez hated her sober mind. But quarantine, TikTok, and...well, running out of her marijuana stash sent her scrounging for meaning...and in her search, she found Jesus. View Show Notes →