Ken Sande

Ken Sande is an attorney and the founder and president of Peacemaker Ministries. He has a passion for bringing the life-changing power of God’s peacemaking principles into the lives of Christians and their churches. In hundreds of conflicts, Ken has used biblical peacemaking principles to minister to parties in situations ranging from simple personal disputes to complex church and corporate conflicts. He is in demand as a conference speaker and is the author of The Peacemaker, as well as other resources. Ken’s wife, Corlette, has written a biblical peacemaking curriculum for children called The Young Peacemaker. Ken and Corlette’s favorite family activity is hiking in the mountains with their son and daughter.

Conflict Understanding And Resolving It

Conflict: Understanding and Resolving It

Ken Sande walks us through how to constructively resolve conflict. Tara Barthel, Judy Dabler, Gary Smalley, and Greg Smalley share the stories of their conflicts, and how they were resolved.

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In Laws And Others Day 4

Preserving the Peace

Ken Sande talks about preserving the peace with our extended family can often be a source of conflict.

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Forgiveness Day 3

Love in Action: Forgiveness

Ken Sande, author of Peacemaking for Families, about following Christ’s example of forgiveness.

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Resolving Conflict Day 2

Becoming a Peacemaker

Ken Sande, an author and president of Peacemaker Ministries, gives helpful advice on becoming a peacemaker.

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Resolving Conflict Day 1

Preparing for Peace

Ken Sande, author of Peacemaking for Families, talks about preparing our hearts for peace.

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In Laws And Others Day 1

Digging Up the Root of Conflict

Ken Sande talks about resolving conflict in your family in a peaceable way.

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