Michael Jr.

Known as the comedian who is more than funny, Michael Jr. brings laughter and understanding to audiences all over the world. Often a keynote at fortune 500 companies, his versatility has landed him on Tedx Talks, Oprah, and” The Tonight Show” on NBC. He is an author, producer, and is currently creating a new experience that will take people on a journey to finding more. With comedy as the vehicle, and purpose the destination, you will laugh in such a way that will inspire you to look inside and ask, "What am I called to deliver?"

Episodes appearing in

Brad Silverman and Adam Tyson talk about their upcoming movie release "Selfie Dad," starring Christian comedian Michael Jr., who also joins the broadcast. View Show Notes →
Comedian Michael Jr. talks about his feature film called, "More Than Funny." Michael explains why this movie is more than just a way to be entertained. View Show Notes →
Laughter is good medicine, healing to the soul. Whether it pops up suddenly from someone's slip of the tongue, or it's pursued carefully and crafted as a career and life mission. Our guests, Michael Jr. and Kristin Exton, explain how laughter is therapeutic, even on a spiritual level. View Show Notes →
Alex and Stephen Kendrick, co-creators of the movie "War Room," tell stories of answered prayer in the making of the movie. Joining them are T.C. Stallings and Michael Jr., who appear in the movie. View Show Notes →
Comedian Michael Jr. has a strict discipline to his comedy routine. It must be clean enough to say behind a pulpit, and yet it must be funny enough for a club. Michael shares how he came to Christ. View Show Notes →