Robert Fernandez

Robert Fernandez is a multi-award winning writer, producer, and director that has been recognized for his work in all three branches of production internationally. His experience spans over 30 years and his work has been translated and dubbed into multiple languages and distributed around the globe. He is the writer and producer of several series such as “The Torchlighters,” “Brother Francis,” and “The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar” and the recently released animated trilogy of the Gospel and Acts: “God With Us,” “The Messengers,” and “To Every Nation.” Robert is the writer and creator behind the current production of “The Pilgrim’s Progress” which brings new elements of story into the book that John Bunyan penned 340 years ago.

Episodes appearing in

Robert Fernandez and Steve Cleary talk about their new animated feature film, "Pilgrim's Progress," based on John Bunyan's classic book. The movie follows Christian's journey as he travels to the Celestial City. View Show Notes →