Steve and Annie Chapman

Steve Chapman and his wife, Annie, are award–winning musicians who take their message of Christ–centered family to fans all over North America. Steve proclaims his enthusiasm for the gospel, for family, and for hunting in A Look at Life from a Deer Stand, Reel Time with God, 10 Things I Want My Son to Know, and What Husbands and Wives Aren’t Telling Each Other.

Annie Chapman is a gifted musician and the author of several books, including 10 Things I Want My Husband to Know, The Mother-in-Law Dance, and 10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know. Sharing the stage with her husband, Steve, writing books and magazine articles, speaking at women’s conferences, and ministering through radio and TV give Annie many opportunities to reach a wide audience for Christ. She is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute.

Episodes appearing in

Contemporary recording artists Steve and Annie Chapman tell husbands how they can help their wives not hate the hobbies they love and enjoy. View Show Notes →