Steve Saint

Steve Saint grew up in Ecuador in close community with the Waodani. His father, Nate Saint, was one of five missionaries martyred in their attempt to befriend the Waodani. After graduating from Wheaton College, Steve launched several successful businesses. He has also been a missionary in West Africa, Central America, and South America. At the request of the Waodani elders, he returned to the Amazon in 1995 along with his family. Steve’s experiences living in the jungle led him to establish I-TEC, a nonprofit organization that assists the “hidden church” in its journey toward independence, self-sustenance, and maturity.

Growing In Your Faith Day 2

End of the Spear

Imagine befriending your father’s murderer. That’s exactly what Steve Saint and his family have done.

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Media And Entertainment Day 2

My Father’s Will

Dennis Rainey talks with Mart Green and Steve Saint about the making of the movie, The End of the Spear.

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Media And Entertainment Day 1

Behind the Scenes

Hear a remarkable story of reconciliation as told by Steve Saint, son of martyred missionary Nate Saint.

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