Wess Stafford

From the poor of Africa’s Ivory Coast to President and Chief Executive Officer of Compassion International, Dr. Wesley K. Stafford – Wess – has maintained one simple belief: God’s children are priceless resources. To that end, Wess leads Compassion’s efforts to break the cycle of poverty for children everywhere. Wess joined the staff of Compassion International in 1977 and has worked with the ministry, both overseas and at headquarters, for 34 years. He has served as president since 1993. Wess lives on a small ranch near Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife, Donna, of 32 years who was a Compassion sponsor even before she met Wess! They have two daughters, Jenny and Katie – the two children in the world for whom Wess is the greatest advocate of all.

Character Development Day 3

Words as Seeds

Each word you speak takes root for good or bad in the hearts of those who hear it.

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Character Development Day 2

Affirming the Least of These

One word can sometimes make or break a person.

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Character Development Day 1

Shaping a Child

Children are like wet cement. The time to impress their hearts for good is when they’re small.

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Becoming A Christian Day 2

Children: God’s Image Bearers

What does God’s love for us look like?

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Becoming A Christian Day 1

Abuse: Satan’s Tactic to Destroy Children

A life full of secrecy and abuse can be Satan’s tactic for destroying a child.

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