A Grace Revealed

Years after the death of his wife, mother and daughter, Jerry Sittser discusses how God uses suffering to write his story. He talks about the years as a single dad, and the events that led him to courtship and re-marriage. Ron Deal joins Jerry to remind us that our most pressing business right now is what God has brought into our lives today. Together they talk about finding their place in God’s story.

Growing In Your Faith Day

Finding God in the Stories of Loss

In the midst of deepest suffering, where is God and why doesn’t He deliver us and answer our prayers?

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Growing In Your Faith Day 3

Living Out Your Story of Redemption

Jerry Sittser talks about the years after the accident when he focused on raising his children as a single dad.

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Growing In Your Faith Day 2

Becoming Spiritually Ambidextrous

As we live our lives, we are writing a story. The best stories include challenges and adversities.

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Growing In Your Faith Day 1

Finding Your Story in the Bigger Story

If suffering is so integral to human sanctification, why do we, as humans fear and avoid it?

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