Beyond Ordinary

Justin and Trisha Davis’s relationship started out as anything but ordinary with Justin’s unorthodox pickup line and proceeded through their epic honeymoon. Settling into marriage, it didn’t take long for them to drift away from one another toward isolation. Hear the compelling story of a marriage redeemed, as they chose to live a life for Christ that was beyond ordinary.

Justin and Trisha Davis talk about the years of their marriage and the difficulties that turned them from lovers, to friends, to enemies and eventually strangers. View Show Notes →
Justin and Trisha reflect back on their courtship, the awkward proposal and their awkward honeymoon. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Justin and Trisha Davis

Justin is on staff part-time as a pastor of Cross Point Church, recently named the 6th fastest growing church in the country. We both attended Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL where we met and fell in love (with Justin adamantly asking Trisha out twice a week for 6 months before she said yes.)

Justin received his BA degree in Christian Education in Lincoln and Trisha later earned her degree from Indiana University.

Their first book, Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Isn’t Good Enough from Tyndale House Publishers, is available now. You can order from a number of places today.