Fierce Women

Would others call your personality fierce? Kimberly Wagner passionately loved Christ and lived life boldly. And when she met and married LeRoy that didn’t change. What did change was LeRoy’s feelings for her after years of her belittling remarks and angry outbursts. Their marriage seemed hopeless, and divorce wasn’t an option. Would this stalemate ever end?

Wives Day 3

Do This, so That?

Kimberly Wagner remembers the years after her husband stepped down from the pastorate due to their stressful marriage.

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Wives Day 2

Putting Pride to Death

Kimberly talks about God’s move to slowly break her of her pride.

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Wives Day 1

The Power of a Soft Warrior

Kimberly Wagner explains her marriage was hopeless, and her husband, LeRoy, admitted that he no longer loved her.

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