Finishing Well

What is retirement supposed to be for the Christian? Find out by listening to author Dr. Howard Hendricks, a 70+ professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.

What is retirement supposed to be for the Christian? View Show Notes →
Retirement is not a time to clock out of the game of life. View Show Notes →

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Howard Hendricks

Dr. Howard G. Hendricks, known simply as “Prof,” directly or indirectly touched millions of lives in the evangelical community and beyond. For more than sixty years Prof served on the faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), where he taught more than ten thousand students. He also ministered in person in more than eighty countries. Through speaking engagements, radio, tapes, films, the sixteen books he authored and coauthored, countless journal and popular-market articles, his service on numerous boards, and his work as a chaplain to the Dallas Cowboys (1976–1984), his reach was and is worldwide. His legacy, in partnership with Jeanne, his wife of more than sixty-six years, includes four children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Dr. Hendricks died in 2013.