Generous Living

Ron Blue, founder of Ronald Blue & Co, talks with Dennis Rainey about the benefits of giving generously to advance God’s work.

Ron Blue talks about the excuses people often make for not giving generously to God and others. View Show Notes →
Ron Blue talks about finding financial freedom through giving. View Show Notes →
Ron Blue talks about the benefits of giving generously to advance God's work. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Ron Blue

Ron Blue is the founder of Ronald Blue & Co., LLC. He is considered a successful entrepreneur in the financial services industry and an admired leader and speaker on the topic of biblical financial management.

Ron retired from the financial planning firm in 2003 in order to lead an international effort to equip and motivate Christian financial professionals to serve the body of Christ by implementing biblical wisdom in their lives and practices, resulting in financial freedom and increased giving by thousands of dollars by thousands of Christians around the world. He is currently President of Kingdom Advisors.

Ron is the author of twenty books on personal finance from a biblical perspective, including the best-seller, Master Your Money, first published in 1986 and now in its twenty-ninth printing and his most recent book, Surviving Financial Meltdown, co-authored with Jeremy White.