20140103 Get Lost Indiv

Exchanging Affections

Sometimes the only way to fill an empty spot left by an old affection is to replace it with a greater affection. Dannah Gresh encourages those who feel spiritually dry a to immerse themselves in the Scriptures.

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20140102 Get Lost Indiv

Getting Lost in Christ

Author Dannah Gresh talks about our natural tendency to look for things other than God to fill us, and reminds us that those things, including relationships, can easily become idols if we’re not careful.

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20140101 Get Lost Indiv

Returning to My First Love

Dannah Gresh recalls how she came to the realization that Christ was “”second place”” in her heart and tells how she broke up with Bob to get her priorities straight. Dannah reveals what God taught her during this unique sabbatical.

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