Fathers Day

Step Up to the Plate, Dad!

RV Brown fondly recalls the integrity and fortitude of his father, Eddie “Fish” Brown.

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Cultural Issues Day 4

The Home is the Key

Voddie Baucham points to the fallout society has seen as a result of Christians failing to obey their parents.

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Raising Boys Day 3

The Squire and the Scroll

Hear a dramatic presentation of the popular children’s book, The Squire and the Scroll, written by Jennie Bishop.

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Growing In Your Faith Day 2

End of the Spear

Imagine befriending your father’s murderer. That’s exactly what Steve Saint and his family have done.

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Christmas Day 1

What God Wants for Christmas–Read Along

Listen to a dramatic presentation based on the FamilyLife resource, “What God Wants for Christmas”.

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