The Honeymoon of Your Dreams

Dennis Rainey talks to America’s best-known family physician, Dr. Walt Larimore, about preparing for your honeymoon. Dr. Larimore, author of the book The Honeymoon of Your Dreams, talks about the different expectations men and women have for their honeymoon and how men and women should take special care to plan their special week.

Some have said the average bride spends 2,400 hours planning the wedding. View Show Notes →
Dennis Rainey talks to Dr. Walt Larimore about preparing for your honeymoon. View Show Notes →

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Dr. Walt Larimore

Dr. Walt Larimore, M.D., is one of America's best known family physicians and is listed in the Best Doctors in America and Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare. A practicing doctor for more than 20 years, he is host of Fox's Health Network program.