What Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew About Men

Bob Lepine cracks the masculine code book for women at a recent True Woman conference.

This may come as a surprise, but your husband really wants to talk about ... respect! View Show Notes →
Bob Lepine is more than a radio co-host. He's a representative voice for millions of men who just can't quite choke out the words their wives want to hear. View Show Notes →
Ladies, your man really does want to tell you what he's thinking and feeling, but it can be intimidating. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Bob Lepine

Bob Lepine is senior vice president of FamilyLife and cohost of FamilyLife Today®, FamilyLife’s nationally-syndicated radio program.

A veteran of Christian radio, Bob has a degree in communications from the University of Tulsa. Prior to joining FamilyLife in 1992, Bob worked for local radio stations in Tulsa, Phoenix, Sacramento, and San Antonio.

He is the author of Love Like You Mean It: The Heart of a Marriage that Honors God and The Christian Husband. He is also the on-air voice for “Truth for Life” with Alistair Begg. Bob also serves on the Board of Directors for National Religious Broadcasters.

Bob and his wife, Mary Ann, live in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he also serves as an elder and teaching pastor at Redeemer Community Church.