Your Marriage

Working together, Cherie and Brian Lowe were able to pay off $127,000 worth of debt in four years. The Lowes tell how working as a team to manage the household finances can lead to surprising benefits. View Show Notes →
Could arguing about money be negatively affecting your intimacy? Cherie and Brian Lowe think it can. It certainly did theirs. The Lowes encourage couples to slay the debt dragon and fall more in love! View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Brian and Cherie Lowe

Brian and Cherie Lowe love to encourage couples to manage their finances well – together. The Lowes paid off over $127,000 in debt in just under four years, learning powerful lessons about communication, patience, organization and connection. Married for eighteen years, the Lowes still like each other. Their story has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, NBC News, Focus on the Family and more. Writing and speaking together, Brian and Cherie long to bring hope to the hopeless. The Lowes reside in Greenwood, IN with their daughters Anna and Zoe. Find more from Cherie Lowe at