Get back together.

High-quality connecting resources allow your small group to grow together around what matters.

We’ve got your small group covered!


Compelling experts, real-life stories, and thoughtful vignettes help you create a strong, vibrant marriage according to God’s brilliant design.

Through this DVD-guided small-group series, we’ll paint a vivid picture of healthy communication, conflict, sex, purpose, and more.

Masterpieces aren’t made overnight. (Or blindfolded.) What greatness can God create from your chaos?

The Art of Parenting sketches a vision for what this masterpiece can be—and offers real-life tools to shape something breathtaking in your kids. Cheer each other on toward a God-centered family in this video-guided small group study exploring topics like character, discipline, identity, and mission.

Get things looking up in your relationship! Connect deeper with God and each other with FamilyLife’s convicting, laugh-out-loud Vertical Marriage.

Your small group will find funny, relatable video talks from FamilyLife Today® hosts Dave and Ann Wilson, thoughtful personal surveys to evaluate your own needs and responses, and Vertical Moments for conversation and prayer.

Take your relationship to the next level with this video-led small group Bible study.

Couples Studies

Wishing your small group could connect around more meaningful conversation? Our workbook-driven Couples Studies deliver biblically-centered truth around topics like humility or missional marriage. At the same time, you’re forming deeper, supportive connections with God, your spouse, and your small group.

What does it mean to be a godly, courageous man? FamilyLife founder Dennis Rainey and others unpack biblical manhood, offering vision and ideas to lead wisely and boldly in your home, church, and community.

Available as a weekend event and small group study, Stepping Up empowers you to step into the hard—and embrace the reward.

We get it. Stepfamilies carry unique challenges and complexities toward shaping a God-loving home.

The Smart Stepfamily extends you-can-do-this solutions for everyday obstacles, practical tips for raising stepkids, and ways to help your unique marriage go the distance.

You’ve been lied to about love. FamilyLife Today co-host and renowned author Bob Lepine pulls us back from the myths of the Top 40, dreamy novels, and rom-coms.

In this video-guided series, he helps you and your small group dive into how God defines and displays the true love presented in 1 Corinthians 13: a love your soul craves. Get ready to Love Like You Mean It.

Our time-tested Art of Marriage® Connect (formerly HomeBuilders) workbooks pull you into challenging discussions around a real-life marriage issue—like communication, teamwork, or conflict.

Rediscover biblically-centered truth and hands-on application in these conversation-based small-group Bible studies.

They might be distracted by the invitations, the dress, the honeymoon—but they need far more serious planning for the lifetime commitment starting after the cake is cut. In seven crucial areas (each with Bible study, discussion, and projects), Preparing for Marriage helps you equip couples to build a life-giving, lasting Christian marriage.