It's time to go vertical.

Connect deeper with God and one another with this new content from Dave and Ann Wilson and FamilyLife. Vertical Marriage includes humorous and relatable video sessions followed by great discussion and intentional time for couples to connect. Dave and Ann share intimate details of their own stories and join participants in practically working toward a vibrant marriage on a foundation of faith.

Whether you’re connecting with a group online, meeting with others in-person, or focusing on one-on-one time at home, don’t forget your workbooks! You’ll find great discussion prompts and couple’s connection projects that will make sure you get the most out of the experience.

1. The Elusive Secret

Focus on your relationship with God.

2. Fight Me Like a Man!

Having and resolving conflict.

3. To Cheer and to Cherish

Top relationship needs for men and women.

4. God in the Bedroom

Physical intimacy.

5. All In!

Committing to be “All In” with God, your marriage, and your mission.

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