Weekend to Remember Getaways for Engaged Couples

The ministry of FamilyLife started as a conference specifically designed to help engaged couples build a strong foundation for marriage. Now, over 40 years later, we continue to honor our beginning by offering weekend getaways for couples that help hundreds of engaged partners each year.

Every Weekend to Remember getaway features a special breakout session and workbook. They are provided to help engaged couples like you understand how to create a firm foundation to build your future married relationship.

This session is exclusive to engaged couples. It’s time spent with people who have “been there, done that” with regard to marriage, and it’s also an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about one of the biggest steps in your life.

Whether this is your first marriage, remarriage, or you simply want to help a newlywed couple get started on the right foot into matrimony with a Weekend to Remember gift card, we look forward to providing the blueprints to getting marriage started right into matrimony.

“Adam and I were dating almost 5 years when we came to this event. It was recommended by our company and we took them up on the opportunity. We came without many expectations, but very open and excited to grow closer. Within the first night, we were very impressed and ready to commit our relationship to the Lord. We were confident and strong prior to coming, but our spiritual commitment was certainly lacking. We have committed our relationship back to God, signed the purity contract and began to discuss what changes we can make to strengthen our bond. This weekend has strengthened our relationship and have elevated our soon to be marriage to the next level.”

Courtney, engaged

“This weekend provided a lot of useful instruction and insight into the challenges and the joys of marriage and provided a wonderful platform for my fiancé and I to address a lot of key issues and topics.”

Elizabeth, engaged

“I really need a change of heart and perspective before marriage and I am inspired to seek it. I am independent, successful at work and driven. I am fearful of how my life will change when I am married. I am motivated to do the work, to put my husband first and submit to God and my husband in a Godly way. I am committed to doing it God’s way.”

Kaitlyn, engaged