Better than our honeymoon!

Troubled Marriage

We were on the verge of divorce and our date night was the best evening we have ever had together. Better than our honey moon!! This event literally saved our marriage.

Married 15 years

Positive effect


We learned so many tools to work together as a couple to grow spiritually. Such a positive effect. We knew things were not working for us completely, but were not clear on what was missing. We needed to bring God back into our lives.


Most important experience of my life


This has been one of the best experiences of my life. Brought me to realize God’s plan and made me know for sure I am ready to marry my spouse and I think this has been the most important experience of my life.


Our marriage is stronger


Our marriage is stronger because of the tools that we received. 13 years of attending!

Transparent communication


After going through the pre-married session we both decided to pursue purity. Also, we are having much more transparent communication. Communication is what we have both recognized that we need to work at the most. Thank You!!


10th Year to Attend


We attend the Weekend to Remember every year. This is our 10th year. Although the material remains the same, we get something out of it every year! The speakers bring new dynamics, and we are in a different place in our marriage each time. We feel like the annual tune-up is invaluable in the continual health of our marriage. Thank YOU!!!

Married 17 years

Helped me remember


Great truths that have helped me remember what a great ally I have with my spouse in this ministry. It will be great to build upon what we have remembered here!

Married 43 years

I wish I knew this long ago

Marriage Guidance

I wish I knew this so long ago! The topics discussed are so important and clear. Am hopeful because I feel more in control of making our marriage better. Before this weekend, I was frustrated, I lacked the tools to have a healthy marriage. I was from a broken home and always wondered how to make things better. Thank you, now, with God’s help I know we will grow as a couple. Thank you most of all for keeping God the focus of it all.

Married 17 years

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