Our marriage is stronger


Our marriage is stronger because of the tools that we received. 13 years of attending!

10th Year to Attend


We attend the Weekend to Remember every year. This is our 10th year. Although the material remains the same, we get something out of it every year! The speakers bring new dynamics, and we are in a different place in our marriage each time. We feel like the annual tune-up is invaluable in the continual health of our marriage. Thank YOU!!!

Married 17 years

180 degree turn


Over the last year, since our first retreat, our marriage has made a 180 degree turn around. This weekend validates the hard work we did over the last year, and is spurring us on to more forward movement. Praise God! And thank you Family life!

Married 22 years

Completely recommitted


This is my third year attending Weekend to Remember. First year I was by myself going through a divorce. Second year my husband came to entertain the idea we maybe had a chance, but again, he left halfway through the conference. This year we both came completely recommitted. God is so Amazing and Faithful. Thank you for giving us the tools and Hope to fight for our marriage and family. Married 7 years

Intentionally learning about our relationship


This is our second conference. We came last year when we were married for 2 months. We learned and applied so much! Now its 1 year and 2 months later and here we are again learning about our relationship in an intentional way by coming to this Weekend to Remember. We thought we would be reminded of concepts but this event provided us so much more. It brought up areas in our life that we were not communicating well in and gave us the time and guidance to talk it through. I am so thankful for this weekend and for all that we have learned. Married 1 year

Makes good marriages great


Our 4 experiences in 6 years, my wife and I are a living testimony of how FamilyLife makes good marriages great, troubled marriages good, and breaking marriages a chance to become a better. saving marriage. Thanks for all you do Married 6 years

Marriage maintenance


This is my 5th time at a WTR conference, but feels like my 1st time. Different times in my marriage pinpoint different topics that are taught

Practical solutions


This is our third year and each time we learn something that continues to push our relationship in a positive way. Each year we live a little better because of this. We leave with a little more clarity and practical solutions to these issues. Married 4 years

Quality time together


Our marriage has been going strong for almost 10 years and this is our 2nd marriage conference with FL. We went when we were newlyweds. We were so encouraged and refreshed by spending quality time together without all the distractions around us. Thank you FL! Married 10 years

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