Connect on a deeper level

Healthy Marriage

Life has been busy and intense. This weekend away was a wonderful opportunity to connect on a deeper level emotionally, spiritually, and physically! Married 5 years

Focuses on both spouses individually and as a couple

Healthy Marriage

I love how the WTR focuses on both spouses individually and as a couple. It helps us grow independently and together. It challenged us to open up to each other and talk about things we have avoided. Married 1 year

Investing in our marriage

Healthy Marriage

One weekend a year isn’t enough but one weekend a year is a must. Investing in our marriage with FamilyLife is truly PRICELESS! Married 19 years

Lit a fire

Healthy Marriage

It confirmed things I already knew, reminded me of things I haven’t been doing but know I should be, and lit a fire to use mine and Bruce’s story to point others to Christ even more than we do already! Married 15 years

Break away & refocus

Healthy Marriage

It was so refreshing! Lots of great ideas on how to have a great marriage. It was so nice to break away from everyday life & refocus on us. The biblical foundation of this weekend has been wonderful. Thank you for encouraging us in godly principles for our marriage.

Married 23 years

Marriage continually needs nurturing

Healthy Marriage

After being married 40 years, we were still able to discuss and understand each other better. Marriage continually needs nurturing. Married 40 years

Opened the communication gateway

Healthy Marriage

The weekend enabled us to open the communication gateway. There’s not time in the day to day to talk deeply and now we know we need to make time! Married 10 years

A fresh tune-up

Healthy Marriage

Our marriage has many highway miles. Life is coasting smoothly along with an occasional bump. This weekend is like an oil change and a fresh tune-up and new spark plugs!

Married 20 years

Our relationship was unhealthy

Healthy Marriage

Strengthened and reconnected us. We attended a few years ago and at that time our relationship was very unhealthy. We wanted to attend again when our marriage was in a better place. Married 13 years

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