Uninterruped space

Marriage Guidance

It gave us the uninterrupted space to have some much needed conversations. It gave us great tools to use in future situations and conflicts. And it surprised us by giving us so many reminders that we had no idea we needed. Married 15 years

I wish I knew this long ago

Marriage Guidance

I wish I knew this so long ago! The topics discussed are so important and clear. Am hopeful because I feel more in control of making our marriage better. Before this weekend, I was frustrated, I lacked the tools to have a healthy marriage. I was from a broken home and always wondered how to make things better. Thank you, now, with God’s help I know we will grow as a couple. Thank you most of all for keeping God the focus of it all.

Married 17 years

Starting with a clean slate

Marriage Guidance

It gave my spouse and I a safe place to really be open and transparent about our relationship. We were both deeply hurt and did not realize how much it affected our marriage. After this retreat, I feel like we are starting our marriage with a clean slate. A start over.

Married 10 years

Provided the tools

Marriage Guidance

This weekend helped bring more tools for us to continue building our marriage based on God’s principles and not the world’s way.

Married 1 year

Keeping my marriage the priority

Marriage Guidance

This weekend expanded our communication and understanding and gave confirmation and affirmation to what we’ve been doing well. It also helped me recognize areas where I can improve as a parent and support my husband as a stepparent, while keeping my marriage the priority. It also gave us opportunity to put to rest some of the stuff from our past.

Married 2 years

Amazing experience

Marriage Guidance

Amazing experience! The sessions helped us discuss things that needed to be discussed but we had just been avoiding! Our projects were extremely valuable for our marriage.

Married 11 years

Created an oasis of peace

Marriage Guidance

We are as different as a couple as the tropical forest and the dry desert. This weekend has given us the tools to create an oasis of peace and understanding in our marriage, a beautiful place to meet in the middle.

Married 6 years

Fulfilled in our marriage

Marriage Guidance

It allowed us to have the open conversations we needed to let each other know what was amazing and what we could work on. It showed me areas that I can be better at to help my husband feel fulfilled in our marriage. Married 11 years

Growing together in oneness

Marriage Guidance

There is no manual handed out when you get married, this weekend gave us great tools and resources to use to help strengthen our marriage and grow together in oneness, even after 10 years of marriage. Married 10 years

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