A wake-up call

Marriage Renewal

I came into this weekend not sure of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. With us approaching 34 years of marriage, as a husband I can say that out marriage was in what I would call “cruse-control.” The WTR Conference was a wake-up call. The marriage relationship as God has established it is not static. It needs to be nurtured so that it can continually grow into what God intended it to be. Thank you for a blessed and God glorifying weekend! Married 33 years

Time to pause and slow down

Marriage Renewal

It was such a helpful time to pause and slow down to talk. Thankful for the great questions that allowed us to work thru things that we tend to let sit for long periods. Looking forward to launching out of this weekend as ONE! Married 8 years

God gifted us to one another

Marriage Renewal

We are realizing how God gifted us to one another. It was not an accident or a mistake. We are beginning to reconcile our dreams for our marriage, family, and purpose. Married 24 years

Hope for our future

Marriage Renewal

When we arrived here, I was angry, bitter and feeling hopeless. Today, as we leave I know that my husband is not my enemy but my gift from God. I have hope for our life and future together.

Married 23 years

Gained clarity

Marriage Renewal

I think it’s safe to say this weekend has been a turning point in our relationship, and will set us on a trajectory for success. We finally understand how the other has been feeling in this marriage, gained clarity on how to communicate better (our biggest difficulty). I’m determined to respond better to his word with the help of the Holy Spirit, and he is determined to take a leadership role in our family. We are so excited for our future and grateful to Weekend to Remember.

Married 13 years

We would have divorced

Marriage Renewal

We have completely recommitted ourselves not only to each other, but to God. This was a marriage saving opportunity. Without it, I believe we would have divorced within a year.

Married 9 years

Gave us confidence to rebuild

Marriage Renewal

We were on the brink of our marriage being over and this gave us the tools and confidence to rebuild our marriage in God’s image and put our trust in Him. Married 11 months

Inspiring and encouraging

Marriage Renewal

This weekend was inspiring and encouraging. We feel reconnected and ready to renew our commitment to each other, our kids, and to God.. Married 3 years

2 days changed so much

Marriage Renewal

Gave us a safe, stable, disconnected from everything else” way to talk through stuff and reconnect. My husband told me the first night our marriage was a one. So much has changed in two days and we are experiencing the beginning of love, connection, and careful communication. I stated 3 years ago with fear and uncertainty of my commitment. The vow renewal at the end was teary as I said my vows for real.

Married 3 years

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