Real talk about marriage


So often, especially as millennials, we are bombarded by the best images and social media posts that don’t give a full picture of marriage. The honest stories shared this weekend by video testimonies and speakers helped encourage the normalcy of real talk about marriage. How refreshing we can all come together and admit there is room for growth in any marriage and walk it together! Married 1 year

Came here with divorce papers


We came in here with Divorce papers in mind, but leaving here we are only talking about rebuilding.

Conflict resolution


It has helped give us tools to improve our communication and how to more effectively deal with conflict.” Married 6 years

Fight for my marriage


It made me want to recommit to my wife and fight for my marriage. Married 11 years

Further invest and improve


I’ve been to several marriage retreats over our almost 33 years and have helped to put on marriage retreats in the military – so this was a great time to further infest and continue to improve and refine working to the legacy we’ve been building with goes direction, wisdom and grace. Married 32 years

Healed our marriage


Positive impact, healed our marriage, refilled our hearts with the Holy Spirit, motivated, inspired, and prepared for the opposing world of sin that does not want us to succeed. Married 3 years

I thought our marriage was perfect


Before this experience, I thought our marriage was perfect even though I wasn't submitting to myhusband due to health issues (anxiety, depression) but I also didn't realize that my husband felt neglected by me. We argue over so much pettiness because we are both very stubborn and want to be leaders. Due to my military life style I know we are trained to be strict and do things right and on time without depending on anyone. I don't give my husband enough credit for things he does but after this weekend, I know now to respect him and give him his right to LEAD our marriage. THank you FamilyLife, we will use the tools given...we have a long way to go!!!

New hope in my heart


I came to this retreat with very little hope in my husband and out marriage. After going through the struggles of pornography and an affair and a husband who doesn’t know how to lead. My heart was hard and I felt hopeless. But this week I felt God show me who He asked me to be and my conflicted heart. I feel a new hope in my heart for my husband and my marriage. With Christ and event like this my marriage will survive! Thank you! Married 6 years

Re-chart our course


It has been helpful to help us re-chart our course to a healthy marriage. It has given us time and space to recommit to each other and our marriage. Married 18 years

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