This was a life-changing weekend. Our marriage was not on the brink of failure, but we had certainly drifted towards isolation. This weekend reminded us of each other’s value and the precious gift God has presented us. We have renewed our commitment and love to one another. Thank you FamilyLife for the Weekend to Remember! Married 28 years

Helped me remember


Great truths that have helped me remember what a great ally I have with my spouse in this ministry. It will be great to build upon what we have remembered here!

Married 43 years

Breath of fresh air


This weekend has been a breath of fresh air and huge encouragement for our marriage. The ministry talk yesterday was such a great reminder and truly the Holy Spirit tapping on my heart about not making my ministry my mistress and loving and honoring my wife first and foremost. Blessings and thanks for you!

Married 2 years

Eye opening experience


Eye opening experience that gave me a deeper appreciation for my wife and her ministry to me and my family. Married 14 years

Focus on our marriage


As a pastor, I’m usually in the mode of giving. It’s been refreshing to come and receive and focus on our marriage. Married 12 years

It gets better each time.


This is our third time and it gets better each time. We are in full time ministry and need these session to rebalance our lives in the midst of all the responsibilities. I am always so encouraged by how much we get out of our discussions together. Ministry can cause some slippage into some isolation. Married 37 years

LITTLE things that affect the BIG things


My husband and I thought that I was okay, that we were okay, but the Lord showed the LITTLE things that affect the BIG things in our marriage. The little details that we needed to address. So Thank You. Thank you for showing the little things that matter. Married 7 years

Marriage and ministry tension is real.


FANTASTIC! Marriage and ministry tension is real. These sessions gave us language for what both my wife and I have experienced and are experiencing, alongside others who share our unique context. Married 11 years

More committed to each other


Thank you for your thoughtfulness in providing a pastoral scholarship that allowed my wife and me to attend such a great conference. Much more than this …. thank you for your vision to help couples who face the demands of ministry. We made a commitment to pray daily together, not just everyone now and then. Married 23 years

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