We really needed this

Troubled Marriage

We really needed this getaway. The drift in our marriage had become visible and was getting wider each day. I have some new tools to work with and goals set to come back together. I’m really encouraged going home when I was discouraged before. I really enjoyed this Weekend to Remember. Married 20 years

Taking divorce off the table

Troubled Marriage

We have had divorce papers in our house for the last 3 months. Last night, we burned them. Married 6 years

Better than our honeymoon!

Troubled Marriage

We were on the verge of divorce and our date night was the best evening we have ever had together. Better than our honey moon!! This event literally saved our marriage.

Married 15 years

There is hope after all

Troubled Marriage

In the two short years that we have been married, our marriage has gone through many downs. They say marriages start off on cloud 10, but ours was quite the opposite. There have been many situations where I wanted out of this marriage and felt no hope. This Weekend to Remember has changed all of that. I have seen God work in me in just two days to strive to be a better wife. God has opened my eyes to see things in a way I never have before. This getaway has helped me seek forgiveness towards my husband for past mistakes he has made, and it has made me love him like never before. I have a new heart and perspective towards my marriage, and I want to be a better woman for my husband. To God be the glory. There is hope after all for my marriage.

Changed my marriage

Troubled Marriage

When we came we both wanted out, but now we wanna work on our marriage and relationship with God. Wish I could write a whole page on how it changed my marriage.” Married 2 years

Common foundation to rebuild

Troubled Marriage

My husband and I are reconciling after over 6 years of separation. This getaway has given us a good common foundation to rebuild our marriage upon. Married 11 years

Hail Mary Pass

Troubled Marriage

This weekend was a Hail Mary Pass” to save our marriage. By the end of the weekend we were no longer in the final seconds of the game, but halftime. We were motivated to turn this game” (our marriage) around with God cheering us on. Married 23 years

He was ready to divorce

Troubled Marriage

He was ready to divorce me before the getaway. Now he wants to volunteer and lead to help other struggling couples. I have been praying for over 2 months, God had answered my prayers. I just did know how or when.

I was ready to pack his bags

Troubled Marriage

This weekend was the final straw. I was doing it to say I did everything. I was ready to pack his bags and send him away. This has saved our marriage. Married 9 years

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