You can still be intentional about your marriage this weekend!

We’re sorry to be missing you this weekend. But we don’t want you to miss out on each other. Here are two sessions you can view to help grow stronger together.

Mix up the schedule however you like, and be expectant of how God still wants to meet you this weekend.

The Elusive Secret


At one point, Dave rated their marriage at a ten. Ann rated it less than a one. Why were they so far apart? Take a moment to each rate your marriage. Talk through why you might be scoring it differently or the same.


Why do you think most people try to find happiness by going horizontal instead of vertical? Name a move you can make individually to go vertical.

God in the Bedroom


The Wilsons said: Men, get to your woman’s body through her heart. Women, get to your man’s heart through his body. Openly share your thoughts on the way God created men and women differently in relation to initimacy. How has this shown itself in your marriage?


Each select one of these ways that would create a more romantic bedroom.
  • put away clutter
  • remove the TV
  • set a screentime curfew
  • play romantic music

FamilyLife Blended Breakout Session

For those in blended families, we have a special session just for you. Ron Deal, licensed counselor, speaker, author, and leader of FamilyLife Blended will talk about how to put your spouse “in the front seat” of your blended marriage.

Download the pdf.
Watch the session together.

Discover ways to strengthen your marriage through the challenges you uniquely face.

On Sunday, you’ll receive a 7-day Miracle Marriage devotional. Use your weekend momentum to keep pressing toward oneness in your marriage by doing one devotion a day throughout the week ahead. 

The times may seem uncertain. Yet, we want to encourage you to stick this out together. Stand firm in your faith instead of giving into fear. Not faith in some unknown outcome or hopeful cure. But faith in Jesus Christ, the Resurrection and the Life, our Good Shepherd who can guide us through any storm.

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