What happened to Moments With You?

You may have noticed that your daily Moments With You have been less … daily … recently. This will explain why!

Your Moments With You email is excerpted from Dennis and Barbara Rainey’s book Moments With You: Daily Connections for Couples. This book, for over a decade, has helped couples reconnect on a daily basis — hopefully it’s done the same for you in your daily email format!

While the series has provided a lot of hope and insight, it’s also been 12 years since publication. It’s time to pull this one into the bay for maintenance.

So, what about my daily email? You might ask.

Well, no worries there, we’ve got another daily email queued up for you. Beginning next week, you will begin receiving our popular 30-day prayer series. This daily email contains a short devotional, scripture and prayer prompts for both spouses. We hope you enjoy!

Thanks for being a loyal subscriber to Moments With You.