The Art of Marriage® Connect Series

Additional marriage Bible studies for building healthy relationships

Whether you’ve been married five months, five years, or five decades, The Art of Marriage Connect Series will help you connect with friends and find help and hope for your marriage. Formerly known as the Homebuilder’s Couples Series, each marriage Bible study focuses on a real-life marriage issue and delivers biblically-centered truth and practical application in a small-group study format to make your marriage healthy and strong. This marriage curriculum series is perfect for following up The Art of Marriage video event or small-group series.
Available titles:
Building Your Marriage to Last Learn how to accept each other, work together to recognize drifting apart early on and stay closely connected.
Improving Communication in Your Marriage Identify barriers that prevent effective communication, learn how to make your relationship a top priority and encourage each other through tough times.

Resolving Conflict in Your Marriage
Communicate effectively–without being destructive; pursue peace before, during, and after an argument; and lay off the insults and lay on the blessings.

Enjoying Your Marriage in the Second Half Tips and insights on what to look for to keep your marriage happy and healthy during the empty nest years and beyond.
Growing Together in Christ Learn about the power of prayer in marriage, what it means to follow Christ together as a couple, and how to have a spiritual influence on other families.
Building Up Your Spouse Put the past in a healthy perspective; give each other room to try, fail, and try again; and be accepted and accepting of one another.