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Are you struggling to grow in your marriage? Worn out by the kids running around, or just looking to reignite the love you once had for each other? Or maybe your marriage is doing well, but you want to make it even better!

Whatever the case, it’s no secret that when you feel connected with your spouse, you work better as a team and are more in tune with what God is teaching you. In the chaos of life, purposeful time with your spouse can be difficult to find. But making small changes in how you treat each other, communicate, and approach conflict can make all the difference in your relationship. And at the end of the day, we know Jesus Christ can bring true unity into any marriage, no matter where you’re at right now.

In the eBook, 9 Keys to a Lasting Marriage, you will be encouraged in your marriage with insightful commentary by author (and husband of 40+ years) Vernard Gant as he shares biblical principles and actionable truths for a fruitful marriage, including:

  • Handling your differences
  • Loving unconditionally
  • Cultivating a deep friendship with your spouse
  • And more!

FamilyLife is committed to helping you and your marriage grow stronger. That is why we want to give you this eBook for free! Get started with 9 Keys to a Lasting Marriage today!

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