Do you believe that family matters?

Link arms with us and those who believe that family is something to be honored, cherished, and preserved.

We invite you to join others who cherish God’s design for family and help every home become a Godly home.

Do you believe:

  • God has created the family for our good and His glory?
  • God made us to live in deep communion with Him and one another?
  • God has given us the blueprint for developing healthy marriages?
  • God’s word has given us guidance and direction on parenting that leaves a legacy?
  • Family is one of the greatest untapped resources in the world for the good of our communities?
  • Family is foundational to the gospel being experienced and expressed around the world?
  • Family matters to God, and to us?

If you believe these things, use the form below and join us as we stand for families:

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