How can I help a friend whose marriage is in trouble?

Ever found yourself asking that? You’ve seen the signs of struggle in your friend’s marriage and heard their cries for help. Maybe, in confidence, they admitted, “I’m thinking about divorce.”

So what do you do? Our newest e-book, “Fighting for Your Friend’s Marriage,” was created with you in mind—the one who’s willing to put in time, effort, and prayers to see their friend’s marriage thrive.

In our FREE e-book, you’ll find:

  • 7 non-pushy ways to be there for your friend.
  • 20 ideas to help other marriages thrive.
  • Shareable tips for husbands & wives on what not to do.
  • Help for finding a Christian Counselor.
  • More resources to help you fight for your friend’s marriage.

We know you’re ready to step in the ring. Get your FREE copy now! Just fill out the quick form below.

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