The Gospel in a Pumpkin: Meaningful Fall Fun

If you will be carving pumpkins and celebrating fall, why not use the time together to share truth with your kids?

The Gospel in a Pumpkin is an easy-to-use guide on how a carved pumpkin can represent Christ’s work in our lives. You’re sharing the Gospel with your kids around memories that none of you will forget!

Download your free copy today, complete with activities, pumpkin-face stencil sheets and a guided script. You’ll know just what to say to teach your kids about what matters while having a great time together.

In this download you will find:

  • A guide to carving a pumpkin and how that can represent Christ’s work in our lives
  • A short devotional that ties in to roasting pumpkin seeds – complete with recipe!
  • Stencils for carving your pumpkin
  • Pumpkin word search and crossword puzzle
  • And more!

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