The Gratitude Project:
Hands-on Thankfulness for Families

“This is so stupid!”

“Man, their family always has the latest phones.”

“I want more screen time!”

“His is better.”

“That’s not fair!”

You’ve heard it all–from your kids, even in yourself. But you know you and your kids have what they need.

So maybe you’re realizing that underneath all that complaining…is a heart issue. Where did all the gratitude go?

Studies repeatedly show thankfulness makes us happier. And there are lots of good reasons!

Gratitude steers our eyes from what we don’t have to what we do—off ourselves, and upward to God. Maybe it even makes us more patient with each other.

In our FREE download of activities toward thankfulness for families, The Gratitude Project, you receive

  • 3 weeks of twice-weekly, hands-on activities
  • thoughtful articles and prayers to internalize
  • our gratitude scavenger hunt
  • conversation starters
  • A fall family bucket-list
  • prompts to create a Thanksgiving advent paper chain together
  • Thanksgiving BINGO
  • Scripture art to post or frame around the house
  • and more!

Thankfulness for families? It matters.

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