These tools can help change your marriage in just one month

Grab our month-long his & hers plans for a more connected relationship.

Marriages can last a lifetime, but a great marriage is about more than just avoiding divorce. A great marriage is where both partners experience life-giving intimacy, connection, pleasure, and respect.

If you want to experience a closer relationship, you aren’t alone. Millions of couples like you are searching for this, too.

That’s why we’ve created a simple, you-can-totally-do-this free guide, The Love You Better Plan:  30 Days to Love Your Spouse, handing you tools to change your marriage.

These aren’t TikTok influencer soundbites, these tools have transformed real marriages from “fine” to “spectacular.”

Each day you and your spouse get tailored ways to love each other better.

It’s your his & hers collection of uncomplicated ideas, practical tips, and daily steps toward the marriage you were created to experience.

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