Yes. You can change your marriage in 30 days.

Grab our month-long his & hers plans for a more connected relationship.

Somewhere in the middle of texts chirping, the toilet that’s still running, and a stack of bills, it gets hard for your marriage to stay connected.

The drift may feel lonely. Discouraging. Even painful.

We hear you. We’ve created a simple, you-can-totally-do-this free download, The Love You Better Plan:  30 Days to Love Your Spouse, handing you tools to change your marriage.

It’s our his & hers collection of you-can-totally-do-this uncomplicated ideas, practical tips, along with concepts and resources. These daily steps toward loving can turn your marriage on its head—and pull you closer to love better.

In the end, you’ve got a more powerful, connected you. Plural.

Ready to grab your strategy for to change your marriage? Just fill out the form below to get your free copies.

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