You want: kids with spiritual life skills that last.

You have: kids you just want to pick up their cereal bowls.

We’ve got a devotional just for families like yours.

We get how skeptical you are of shoehorning more into days filled with carpools and just trying to get your kids to hang up their towels.

We’re making it easier to cultivate unerasable habits that prepare kids for a bold relationship with Jesus. Ready for an engaging, totally doable devotional for families?

Each day of Permanent Markers: A Hands-On Family Devotional of Spiritual Life Skills includes:

  • An easy, fun (for all ages!) activity.
  • A short read.
  • Questions drawing your kids into changed hearts that live out truth.

Follow with prayer… and engaging kids in vibrant spirituality for a lifetime just got a little easier.

You game? Enter your information and we’ll get this free 7-day family devotional to you right away.

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