What can happen in 5 minutes?

Well. If you’re a parent or stepparent… a lot, right?

  • Your son could swipe and consume 8.5 cookies.
  • Your daughter could trail permanent marker all the way down the staircase.
  • Your teenager could break up with his girlfriend (over text. seriously?!).

Something else monumental could happen in 5 minutes.

What could happen if you invested 5 minutes a day in praying for your kids?

Could there be impact for the next decade? The next… century?

Trust us. We know you’ve got a lot of priorities competing for your time. So we’ve created an easy, you-can-so-do-this 30-day prayer guide. We’re hoping it might just be habit-forming.

Pray for your kids… for just 5 minutes a day. It’s that easy. Just fill out the form below to get your free Prayers for Parents guide.

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