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Before you were a parent, you probably wondered how full-grown adults could walk around with someone else’s snot on their shirt. Or drive a vehicle where the interior resembles a fast-food trash can.

But here we all are.

And the parenting issues are so much bigger than you thought―far overshadowing the need to change your shirt.

Should I let my kid go to sleepovers? When should I let them get a phone? When (and how?!) should we have “the talk”?

We don’t have all the answers. But our FREE download, You Asked It: The No Perfect Parents Edition, addresses parenting issues like these―plus topics like:

  • How do I prepare my kids for peer pressure?
  • How should I handle the terrible twos?
  • What does good discipline look like?
  • How should I help my child deal with their anger issues?

Because as much as parenting blindsides any of us, you don’t have to go it alone.

Grab answers to your most pressing parenting issues. Enter your information below.

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