Get the Answers to your Toughest Marriage Questions

Ever had one of those marriage questions that you want to ask someone about, but don’t know where to turn? Maybe you’re just not able to resolve conflict like you used to, or you’re having trouble connecting with one another.

Whatever you’re dealing with, you can be sure you’re not alone. Hundreds of couples turn to us with tough situations that they’re experiencing in their marriages, and we’ve helped them get back on track for over 40 years.

Since FamilyLife began, we’ve been putting out biblically-based resources to help couples strengthen their marriages, but we’ve never had one resource that answered all the questions in one place.

Well, now it’s here!

In our new eBook, You Asked It, we give you actionable steps towards resolving conflict, defeating isolation, increasing romance and defining the roles of a husband and a wife in a godly marriage.

We want to give you this easy to read eBook as a guide for discussions with your spouse, free!

Get all your toughest marriage questions answered. Fill out the form below to get your copy:

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