When it comes to financial freedom, these talks are gold.

If you’re like most couples, you struggle to talk about finances. 

Financial advisor and author Russ Crosson has spent more than 40 years guiding couples through real-life, everyday financial situations to financial freedom. In this easy-to-follow, doable course, he offers a plan for mastering your finances biblically. 

Right on the money.

Maybe making the most of your money feels like a mystery. Maybe you’re wondering, How does it disappear so quickly? Or How can we control our spending?

Everything you do with money can fit into one of five boxes. (The key to financial freedom? Making sure the Savings box is a positive number.) 

This course will help you find your number for each box—and set you on the path not just to financial security, but financial freedom.

Meet your teacher.

Russ Crosson is the Chief Mission Officer and Sr. Partner of Ronald Blue Trust. He is the author of several books, including “Your Money Made Simple.”

Russ and his wife Julie, who is also featured in this course, are active in teaching and mentoring on the subjects of money, marriage, and communication.

$125 $ 49
  • 10 two-minute video talks
  • 10 two-minute video talks

  • Discussion questions to help you both respond with a plan that works for you
  • Guiding biblical principles to outline a path forward
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  • Clear, specific, actionable steps based on your specific income
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  • Easy-to-follow worksheets to help you know what you’re spending in every area
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  • Audio stories from real couples’ own journeys to financial freedom
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  • Book, shipped to you: Your Money Made Simple: The Key to Financial Freedom
This course is valued at $125. Thanks to generous donors, we’ve been able to keep our courses affordably priced for maximum impact.

Invest in your future

  • Have healthier conversations with your spouse about money
  • Take actionable steps from the reality of your own finances
  • Live within your means
  • Get investment suggestions
  • Get motivated and equipped for financial freedom

“Do I have to go through this course with my spouse?”

Nearly all marriage advice is exponentially more effective when both spouses absorb it together, dialoguing and agreeing on intentional areas for change.

But we get it: That’s not possible for all couples.

So barring a few of our course activities designed for two, your marriage can still experience positive change if just one of you is able to complete this course.

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