What if sex in marriage can be... spectacular?

FamilyLife’s Nearly Almost Complete Guide to Better Married Sex course encourages you toward more satisfied, healing, creative Christian sex from the soul-level out. 

In addition to a “How Can I Be a Better Lover?” self-assessment, each of our five sessions offers 

  • Engaging video talks from experts on sex in Christian marriage
  • Fun, inventive activities to rev up the romance
  • Thoughtful articles and audio segments addressing issues of concern
  • Couples’ devotions to bring God into the bedroom
  • Recommended resources for trouble spots

Christian sex ≠ boring.

When you first learned about sex, maybe it sounded simple. Biological.

How did sex get so complicated?

Our souls and interior world are stitched to our bodies. Which means sex grapples with aspects of your entire relationship … and how your world affects your most intimate, vulnerable moments.

This comprehensive, self-driven course for couples (or just one of you) covers topics like

  • Expectations
  • Differences in drive
  • Confidence
  • What’s okay (and not okay) in bed
  • Pornography
  • Abuse
  • How to communicate about sex
  • Characteristics of a thriving love life
$125 $ 49 00
  • The “How can I be a better lover?” self-assessment
  • 5 video talks & discussion questions
  • 5 fun activities to do together
  • 5 brief, engaging devotions for couples
  • Articles & podcasts to dive deeper
  • Bonus material

Do I have to go through this course with my spouse?

Nearly all marriage advice is exponentially more effective when both spouses absorb it together, dialoguing and agreeing on intentional areas for change.

But we get it: That’s not possible for all couples.

So barring a few of our course activities designed for two, your marriage can still experience positive change if just one of you is able to complete this course.

What are people saying?

What are people saying?

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