Because blending a family can be... complicated.

If you’re a blended family, you bring unique DNA. You’ve got particular challenges: like another home, an ex-spouse in the mix. Like your children taking priority over your marriage. Like grief or feelings of loss following death or divorce. You or your group can set the pace in this you-can-do-this course perfect for individuals or couples. Each session in offers:
  • Engaging videos from experts on blended families
  • Innovative activities to help you apply wisdom to your stepfamily and marriage
  • Thoughtful articles and audio segments
  • Couples’ devotions to bring you closer
  • Recommended resources to dig deeper

You need solutions as powerful as your day-to-day stepfamily challenges.

Well-Blended: Growing Unity and Character in Your Stepfamily helps you build robust, resilient character in the unique mashup that is your family.

From years of guiding stepfamilies, we’re pulling practical, biblical solutions for blending a family and marriage into a five-session online course for the blended family just like yours. 

“What does the course cover?”

This comprehensive, self-driven course for a blended family easily adapts for couples, groups, or individuals. We cover topics like:

  • How to talk about sensitive blended issues
  • Ideas to create meaningful, unifying traditions
  • Tips for managing emotions and crises
  • Building challenging connections with a family member
  • How to deal when you feel rejected by a step child
  • Ways to build commitment

You’ll be beautifully blending a family with character and unity to go the distance.


Online Course

$125 $ 50 aaaa
  • 5 self-assessment surveys
  • 5 video talks & discussion questions
  • 5 fun activities to do as a family or couple
  • 5 brief, engaging devotions for the two of you
  • Articles & podcasts to dive deeper
  • Bonus material

“Do I have to go through this course with my spouse?”

Nearly all marriage advice is exponentially more effective when both spouses absorb it together, dialoguing and agreeing on intentional areas for change.

But we get it: That’s not possible for all couples.

So barring a few of our course activities designed for two, your marriage can still experience positive change if just one of you is able to complete this course.

Ready to help your family become well-blended?

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