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Are you longing for a more profound relationship with your spouse? If so, we invite you to take part in our Oneness Prayer Challenge – a free 30-day devotional journey that will transform your marriage by making you one in Christ. 

This challenge is not just about praying together as a couple. It’s about inviting God into your marriage, strengthening your relationship with your spouse, and deepening your faith. By dedicating a few intentional moments each day to this prayer challenge, you’re making an investment in your marriage that has eternal results.

FamilyLife believes in the power of relationships that matter most – your relationship with your spouse and your relationship with God. We have crafted this resource to help you rediscover your relationship with your spouse and experience a more fulfilling and God-centered marriage.

Thousands of couples have already taken the challenge and experienced newfound intimacy and encouragement as they’ve grown closer to each other and to Jesus. 

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