Encourage men toward Christ’s audacious, unflinching example.

Kudos for your own boldness in leading men toward true biblical manhood. That’s challenge enough—so we aim to hand you tools to make it easier.

Quick Start Guide

  • Review the videos and discussion questions.
  • Decide whether you’d prefer
    • three separate sessions (plan for 45-60 minutes each, to allow for discussion)
    • a single event (we recommend two hours)
  • Begin to gather and notify the group(s) of men you’ll lead. Use our promotional PDF, if you’d like. For larger groups, choose wise, seasoned discussion facilitators who listen well. Send them our PDF of questions in advance.

And just like that, you’ve got this. Onward.

*Please be advised these sessions are not appropriate for young children and should be considered “PG-13” in thematic content and terminology.

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