Save more than money.

Kudos to you for tackling a key issue that makes or breaks a lot of relationships. You’ve taken a critical step toward a stronger you, plural.

Financial freedom might set you loose from freaking out, or taking out on each other your money woes and stress. You’re escaping the slavery of debt and trying to keep up with the Joneses.

It means having options, which can help eliminate financial stress in your marriage…and your life.

This course, when you stick with it, offers

  • Healthier conversations with your spouse about money
  • Actionable steps from the reality of your own financial numbers
  • Help to live within your means
  • Suggestions on how to invest
  • Discussion questions to help you both respond with a plan that works for you
  • Guiding biblical principles to outline a path forward
  • Motivation—and hope—for financial freedom

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