These lightbulb moments generate electricity.

You’ve had them before: “Aha!” moments in marriage.

Suddenly, your relationship feels easier. More fulfilling. And maybe not such a frustrating mystery after all.

Harvard-educated social researcher and bestselling author Shaunti Feldhahn teams with husband Jeff for scientifically-backed “lightbulb moments” in this complete mini-course–to help you understand what your spouse craves most.

  • Two engaging video talks
  • In-video discussion questions to help you understand your own spouse better

"I get you."

In just two scientific, relatable, funny sessions totaling about an hour, the Feldhahns help you solve marital riddles that may have stumped you for years.

You’ll find out how to speak to the questions your spouse is really asking–layering your relationship with security and intimacy.

We’ve added discussion questions, too, to help you pull closer. Love better. Personalize these lightbulb moments.

And hopefully, become a better you, plural.

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