You’re being lied to about love. 

The typical version of this lie? A thrill ride of emotions, brain chemicals, selfishness, even lust. It means we’re encouraged to settle for a cubic-zirconia version of love when there’s a diamond at stake.

We tend to associate love with “I like the way you make me feel.” But that can also mean, “When I stop feeling this way, I’m out.”

We get married to get. Not give.

FamilyLife Today co-host and renowned author Bob Lepine pulls us back from the Top 40, dreamy novels, and rom-coms. Instead, he’ll help you dive into how God defines and displays true love: the love your soul craves.

Be empowered to love the way God designed!

Each session of this online course includes:

  • A brief kick-starter to get things rolling
  • An engaging 15-20-minute video
  • Discussion questions to enhance your own relationship
  • A short post-session devotional reading and couple’s challenge

There’s also a personal assessment before you begin the course to help you target areas of strength and needed growth.


Are you ready to love like you mean it?

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