To kick things off...

You’ll need about 15 minutes to take our “How Can I Be a Better Lover?” sex assessment as individuals. All results will be kept completely anonymous.

Though we definitely encourage you to share your results with your spouse, all couples won’t be ready for this.

If you’re not ready to share everything just yet, perhaps share something that interests you or something you’d love your spouse to understand.

But don’t just unload your frustration. Discuss this subject with great sensitivity! Sex can be tightly knit with our identity and sense of connection. (We’ve got tips to discuss sexual issues in the very first session of the course.)

Ideally, we want our marriages to be holistically, increasingly “naked and unashamed” (Genesis 2:25).

“Are there any prerequisites for this course?”

You’ ll benefit most from this course if you are open to learning and practicing communication skills around a sensitive subject. We’ll help guide you so you know what to talk about and how to navigate!

When you take this course, we’re assuming your marriage is in a place of some stability to allow you to grow in your sexual relationship.

If you consider your marriage to be in crisis, you may find this course challenging. In this case, we suggest our Weekend to Remember® as a resource to regain stability in your relationship.

“What can I expect from FamilyLife in this course?”

Content from this online course was developed by a team of trusted clinical psychologists, therapists, and counselors. 

But please note this course is not equivalent to nor a replacement for therapy. While one-on-one feedback is not available through this online course, please know that we pray for you as a trusted friend to FamilyLife.

For your own benefit and use, we ask a series of questions to elicit an anonymous, detailed picture of your sex life and provide an automated feedback based on your general needs as a couple. 

Assessments have an appropriate use and have been beneficial in providing clarity and direction. However, they may not be the most reliable and accurate means of illustrating any couple’s entire marital relationship.

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